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First things first...

Every Glambella bundle comes unprocessed, and is 100% natural. We offer virgin, cambodian, and raw ext ensions. This is an investment and you must take care of it as it's growing out of your scalp. The tips below will give you step by step directions on your Glambella journey...



Here are just a few tips on daily hair care to keep your Glambella Extensions luxurious, silky, and reusable. Like any hair, without the proper maintenance and quality products, your extensions won't last. 



We strongly suggest sealing your wefts with our Weft Sealer. This clear adhesive will help to reduce shedding. It will not 100% stop shedding, as many stylist sew through (this loosens your weft and causes shedding) and cut wefts differently, but using our weft sealant on a well constructed weft will significantly reduce shedding. It is crucial because your extensions are an investment.



#613 Platinum Blonde Hair High Maintenance? 

Yes, Anytime you bleach hair to #613 Platinum Blonde that hair will be fragile and easier to break off due to the hair bonds already being broken. Platinum Blonde Hair will require daily hydrating of Argan Oil and washed weekly with a Hydrating Shampoo and silky Conditioner.




Before you install your bundles, we STRONGLY suggest that you shampoo them twice, then DEEP condition for the best results. When you Rinse out the conditioner; rinse until there are NO suds left. Rinsing the conditioner out is one of the most important steps. If you do not rinse it well, any residue of product left in the extensions will result leaving your hair very DULL and STIFF (Yuck, we HATE that) ...then... Let your bundles (hang dry) or Lay flat to air dry. This process is called CO-WASHING. Now you're ready to install.




  • 1. Use Sulfate FREE shampoo and conditioner  (Products that contain sulfate are very damaging and extremely drying to the hair.)
  •  2. Use moisturizing and hydrating products
  •  3. use a shampoo with oil In it such as "argan oil"  "Moroccan oil"  "keratin oil". We personally love using bed head products, OGX products, 
  • 4. When conditioning, make sure to use QUALITY PRODUCTS, Silicon is a conditioner we strongly recommend. This conditioner will make your bundles EXTRA silky. 
  •  5. Treat these extensions like it's your own hair. Use good quality shampoo and conditioning products. Conditioning your hair is very important to keep it soft and manageable, we recommend using a deep conditioner on your virgin hair once per week. Letting your bundles get dry and brittle causes the hair to break off, shed, and tangle. Avoid using oil or heavy styling products. 



 Virgin Extensions will last up to 1 year with proper maintenance. These extensions are imported from China and are multiple hairs from multiple donors. Virgin is 100% unprocessed 10A grade.


Japanese Mink Extension’s will last up to 2 years with proper maintenance. These extensions are imported from Cambodia. They come weft sealed and all ends are aligned. This hair is one single donor, 


These extensions are VERY high maintenance. You MUST wet and detangle your extensions everyday! Take a spray bottle and fill with water and add in one of our go to conditioners. This will keep your hair soft and silky. Then, use a curl defining cream to reduce the puffiness. 




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